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University / College Student Groups

Eco Wild Camps Rajaji [EWCR] offers special Study group tour packages for University / College Groups. The trips could be planned as per plans of the students. One faculty is complimentary in a group of 10 students. The aim is to indulge students in numerous adventure and team building activities to enhance confidence and physical strength level. Emphasis is also given to promote eco-tourism and conservation techniques are taught to students for making earth a better place.

Duration : 1 Nights x 2 Days [Extendable on pro-rata basis]

Day 01 :
Arrival in the camps, introduction to EWCR and its activities. Adventure activities, followed by lunch, rest, evening snacks, bird watching, trekking, jungle safari as selected, bonfire musical programme and dinner.

Day 02 :
Hiking trip in the morning, breakfast and departure for rafting activity

Includes :
1 No. Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Snacks, Dinner [veg & non-veg], bird watching / trekking/ hiking trip, bonfire & musical programme and team building games.
Rates (per student) :

Services 10-12 Students 20-40 Student 40-80 Students
Camping 1500.00 /- 1300.00 /- 1200.00 /-
Activities As selected As selected As selected

Adventure Activities Rates :

S. No Outdoor Adventure Activity/ Duration Cost Per Person
1 Zip Line / 20 minutes 250.00 /-
2 Reppling / 30-45 minutes 150.00 /-
3 Rock-climbing / 30 - 60 minutes 150.00 /-
4 River Crossing / 30 minutes 150.00 /-
5 Hiking / 90 minutes 100.00 /-
6 Jungle Trekking - Morning / Night 100.00 /-
7 Free Fall / 15 minutes 100.00 /-
8 Air Safari / 15 minutes / 30 minutes 5000.00/11500.00 /-
9 Rafting - 150 minutes to 180 minutes 350.00 /-
10 Body Surfing / Cliff Jumping - 30 minutes each 100.00  /-

Note :
  Activity timings may vary depending upon individual capacity and are suggestive only


Eco-tourism could be broadly defined as making as little environmental impact as possible and helping to sustain the indigenous populace, thereby encouraging the preservation of wildlife and habitats when visiting a place. Responsible Eco-tourism includes programs that minimize the adverse effects of traditional tourism on the natural environment and enhance the cultural integrity of local people.

Whether it's about a nature camp or organizing trekking trips towards the un-spoilt and inaccessible regions, one should always keep in mind not to create any mishap or disturbance in the life cycle of nature. Historical, biological and cultural conservation, preservation, sustainable development etc. are some of the fields closely related to Eco-Tourism. Read More..

Rajaji Tiger Tour 1N/2D

Arrival Rajaji Tiger Reserve. Board your waiting gypsy.

Corporate Package

Arrive in Rishikesh, transfer to the base camp. Welcome to camp.

Student Group Package

We are offering special college trip packages.


Safari in Rajaji

In normal course, the best way to explore the Rajaji Tiger Reserve.

Bird Watching in Rajaji

Bird watching in Rajaji Tiger Reserve is done only.

Couple / Family Package

Eco Wild Camps Rajaji is the perfect place..